Self Love


Did you know that you are beautiful? Often times we are our biggest critics. We break ourselves down and then expect others to love us and build us back up. How can we expect love that we can’t give ourselves?

In order to truly enjoy life and be happy you must have a high level of self love. With self love comes a high level of self worth. Beauty is skin deep and the love you have for yourself will radiate. Start by taking time out your day for you. Get to know yourself on a more personal level, and then be a beacon of love for others!






6 thoughts on “Self Love

  1. Aww this is lovely! I agree that we are oftentimes our biggest critics, but there are also nasty people out there who are very quick to call others ugly 😦 But you’re right; as long as we learn to embrace ourselves, nobody else can break us down! Thanks for sharing x

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