Exercise is a great stress reliever. Many people neglect it in their lives but it could help solve a lot of physical and emotion problems. I exercise not only for my health, but for my sanity.

Working out makes me happy believe it or not and it’s my time to reflect on my day. It is proven that exercising releases endorphins, which triggers a feeling of happiness.

Who knew working out can give you a natural high? Get to it! Exercise!



6 thoughts on “Exercise!!!

  1. I always say I’m going to go exercise, I’ll say the famous line ‘I want to be toned for my holiday!’ – I’m not fat by a long stretch, but have a few wobbly bits that could get firmer. When I’m at the gym or actually doing the exercise, I’m fine. It’s the motivation to actually get up and get going!! …Any advice on how to feel more motivated?!

    • Yes, that is my biggest issue as well. You just have to make it fun, and set daily reminders on your phone. I save photos of how I want to look , and I just view them and then I instantly want to workout!!

  2. I love going for a long run in the morning before work. It’s nice to have a little me time and I find it really clears my head and sets me up for the day ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I try to go to the gym often. But sometimes my schedule doesn’t flex enough for me to go. A good tip is to do daily stretches, a few sit-ups and crunch’s to tighten up your tummy. Trust me… EVERYTHING COUNTS. lol

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